63% of American Shoppers Say They Hate Their Friends

According to 1,000 people from across the country from personal budgeting software company YouNeedaBudget.com, 63% of people prefer shopping alone.

For the rest of us, we’d rather be with friends…

Modern retail is missing out on the social benefits of a traditional mall.

But how is an old-fashioned, waterhole mall, a better social experience than what we have today?

We are more social than ever; is it impossible for a digital experience to overtake traditional retail?

Both shoppers and retailers love social shopping! What’s innovating social retail?

Shoppers ❤️ Social Shopping

According to Dresser blog, shopping alone sucks:

  • Your Friends Can’t Give You a Second Opinion
  • It’s Less Fun Without Company
  • You Overlook Items Your Friends Might Pick Out

Retailers ❤️ Social Shopping

According to the YouNeedaBudget survey, 64% of adults said they end up spending more money when they shop with friends.

This makes me curious about social retail, so I built an app to test social retail behavior with my own form of a digital shopping mall:


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