Toying with Augmented Reality

I started getting interested in augmented reality when a learned about Magic Leap (or more so the idea for Magic Leap) back in the early 2015.

Magic Leaps founder, Rony Abovitz, had this obscure demo app out. Unfortunately, it no longer exists. The app provided you with a link to a print out (later to find out this is a target). When you point your phone’s camera at the target, an animated robot popped up, looked at you, and made some screeching robot noises before disappearing again.

After looking into it further. I found that Qualcomm had developed some software for generating a connection to these targets. This was paired with Unity (a game development software).

Since both a Vuforia and Unity starter account is free, I hopped in and started hacking.

The best beginner resource I recommend is a tutorial found on Danny Goodayle’s blog.

From there, I started with static targets, played with dynamic targets, then got into facial tracking. Take a look 👀

Static Target

Dynamic Target

Facial Tracking