nativeNomadic Social Media Marketing

Currently I am focussing my nativeNomadic marketing on Instagram @nativeNomadic.

With Instagram automation and the breakout of Instagram stories - it is easy to get a lot of work in with minimal effort (maximum automation).

Two tools I want to focus on in this post are used for:

  • Follow Automation 👫👬👫
  • Instagram Story Takeovers 👋👽

Follow Automation

Follow automation is important because when you follow others, they follow you back - this is a powerful dynamic to understand.

Furthermore, you can always then unfollow these users and they will remain your followers.

Lastly, this whole process can be automated with a great tool called Instagress. 🙌

Here is a great video on how to set it up:

Instagram with Instagress

Instagram Story Takeovers

Instagram story takeovers allow you to provide a ton of value to your followers for a small price.

The cost to me is finding digital nomads who will allow me to repost their stories and photos.

After lining up a few nomads, I use a tool called Repost & Roll that allows me to simply repost another users content to my account.

And ✨voila✨ a flushed out account with content catered towards those interested in digital nomad culture.

The combination of follow automation and takeover content makes for good growth and reach. 📈